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Who are we?

GFM is one of the leading offline lenders in Kazakhstan, so according to the official Internet resource of the National Bank of Kazakhstan (source: https://nationalbank.kz/ru/news/svedeniya-o-mikrofinansovyh-organizaciyah/rubrics/1755) as of 01.04.2022 in terms of assets ranks 20th out of 246 active companies engaged in microfinance activities.

GFM today:

status at the beginning of June 2022:

200 +, 85% female


33 offices

in 8 large cities of Kazakhstan

100,000 +

issued microcredits in the amount of more than 40,000,000,000 tenge

50 000 +

active clients
About company

There is no limit to perfection

GFM is constantly working to facilitate access to microfinance services, thereby increasing the loyalty of many clients.

GFM is focused on building long-term partnerships with clients based on mutual trust, understanding and respect.

About company

History of the company

Market demands force to generate and implement new ideas, rationalization proposals, search for new sales markets, reorientation of activities taking into account the needs for products and services.


New offices were opened in Uskamenagorsk, Semey and Almaty cities


New offices were opened in Karaganda, Nur-Sultan, Taraz and Taldykorgan cities


the name of the organization was changed to GFM Microfinance Organization LLP and the 15th office was opened in Shymkent city


the name of the organization was changed to GoldFinMarket LLP and 9 offices were opened in Shymkent city


attracted and disbursed credit funds of JSC "Fund for Financial Support of Agriculture"


registration of the company and opening of the first office in Shymkent city


Facilitating the growth of client well-being by providing access to quality microfinance services.

To fulfill the mission, GFM has set the following objectives and principles:

  • ● Expand customer access to services throughout Kazakhstan
  • ● Provide quality microfinance services
  • ● Benefit, maintain and improve the well-being of clients by earning a profit
  • ● Efficiency, honesty, transparency and professionalism

Your investments are reliably protected

invest with profitability up to 17% per annum
Invest in a high-margin business with a stable income
Each tenge of your investment is provided with a return
GFM is a company with a wide agent network in the regions of Kazakhstan
MFO GFM shows constant annual growth

Questions and answers

How to get a microloan to start a new business?
To open a new business, you need to contact our head office, you will be offered alternative microcredit products and, in accordance with the selected product, you must provide a list of documents, as well as a Business plan
What product would you suggest for an existing business?
What is the maximum loan amount I can get?
What is the maximum term for a microloan?
What are the benefits for regular clients?
Is it possible to get a micro loan with a bad credit history or several STB loans?
What influences the decision to issue a microloan?
Do you provide microcredit to pensioners?
Terms of consideration of applications for a loan
Is there a partial repayment of a microcredit and are there any penalties for a partial repayment?
Is it possible to repay a microloan ahead of schedule and are there penalties for early repayment?
Will I be able to apply for a microcredit in the city of Shymkent if I live in the Kazygurt region?
Is it possible to pay more than according to the schedule and how will this affect the accrual of interest?
Can I get a loan in foreign currency?

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